Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

The sun’s out for summer! But before you enjoy the hot days ahead, you’ll want to make sure your house is in order. Keep these maintenance tips in mind as you’re caring for your home this season.


  • Remove dirt, dust and hair from refrigerator coils. Do this twice a year to keep your fridge running efficiently. Unplug the fridge, locate coils (bottom or back of fridge), and use the brush attachment on your vacuum to suck up debris.
  • Clean the bathroom exhaust fan. This will help it run better so it can work to reduce moisture in the air that causes mold and mildew. Flip the circuit breaker to the bathroom off, remove the vent cover and soak in warm soapy water. Then, use a damp rag to wipe away dirt and dust from the blades and reassemble after everything is completely dry.
  • Unclog and clean drains throughout the home. Pour half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar down the drain. Wait approximately 30 minutes then pour boiling water down to flush out residue. Use this method for your garbage disposal too.
  • Sanitize the dishwasher by adding a bowl of vinegar to the top rack and running your machine on the hottest cycle. In addition to eliminating food buildup, soap scum and grime, doing this can prevent drainage issues.
  • Inspect windows and doors to ensure warm air from outside isn’t entering. Don’t forget to wipe down those dirty windowsills too.
  • Organize and deep clean your garage. Get rid of anything you don’t need, add storage, and seal any floor cracks. After that you’ll want to dust, wash and repaint if necessary.


  • Have your AC serviced. This can extend its life and help cut down on energy costs and repairs. Do this at the start of summer so your home isn’t left without a cooling mechanism when the heat hits!
  • Spruce up the front porch. First sweep, then use a mild cleaning solution to mop up any dirt and rinse the floor off with a garden hose. Finally, add a few hanging baskets, rocking chair or other décor.
  • Repair any chipped or faded paint on your house’s exterior. Repainting will help protect your home from the elements and boost curb appeal.
  • Check for holes in your window screens as bugs like to fly in. Patch the hole or replace them if needed.
  • Show your deck some love! Carefully power wash it and reseal if necessary. Hammer in any loose nails and look for rotting wood.
  • Inspect fencing for damage. Clear undergrowth and branches in the surrounding area. Clean, re-stain and seal the fence. Sealing is especially important for wooden fences.
  • Disinfect outdoor play equipment. Tighten bolts, look for rust, and fix any maintenance issues before they become a hazard.
  • Check for leaks in outdoor faucets and hoses. Fix any small holes in your hose with electrical tape.

Completing these seasonal tasks will help improve the cleanliness and longevity of your house. HomeTeam can also help protect your home with our meticulous inspections and proven process you can trust. Book online or call today for your summer inspection!


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